Elsie Fajardo: A celebration of a beautiful life

                      “En cuanto que te vi me enamore’,  y tu sonries  
                           porque lo sabes.”  (When I saw you I fell in
                            love, and you smiled because you knew.)      


I first met Elsie at a school in the rustic town of Talavera (Nueva Ecija) where we both attended our secondary schooling.  Back then she was the most sought after beauty in the entire campus — a rare  combination of morena beauty, brains and talent.  Boys queued up for a chance to dance and be photographed with her at every dance party she attended. 

I would not hear from her for a long time after our high school graduation until she came back from Canada a few years ago to set up a liaison office for her fashion outfit called Glitz & Glitter <http://glitznglitterfashion.com/>.  And her beauty endures, defying time and logic.

Elsie migrated to Canada where she completed her studies and pursued a successful career working for big hospitals and specialized medical clinics in Toronto.  She settled down on a well appointed house of her own where she raised her son Jomel and daughter Zharina and, of late, moved to an upscale flat on the 19th floor of a condominium building in Mississauga.

Ever the elegant dresser and a trained ballroom dancer, it did not surprise me to learn from her friends and acquaintances in Canada that she is a bit of a darling in the Filipino community’s social scene in Ontario.  She participated in the civic activities of the community and served as President of the Club Novo Ecijanos of Canada.  As Club President, she helped raise funds and relief goods for calamity victims in the Philippines, organized the annual holding of the Philippine Independence Gala Night for charity, and spearheaded the extension service of the Club.  

A natural in fashion design and trending, Elsie put up Glitz & Glitter (G&G) as a business venture and creative expression of her passion for fashion.  G&G specializes in handcrafted fashion jewelries and supplies its line of products to a host of distributors in North America, the Middle East, Australia and the Philippines.

Elsie came back to visit her folks in Nueva Ecija and source out materials for her business.  And that’s how we met again, quite by chance, and apprised each other of our “lost” years.  She bought a condominium unit in Pasig City which doubles up as her liaison and outsourcing office in the Philippines.  She has big dreams for G&G and hopes that the business will someday provide employment and livelihood to many Filipinos.

The story of Elsie is the story of countless other Filipinos who, by their hard labor and determination, found good life and fortune abroad.  But the similarity ends there.  What sets her apart from most other people is her willingness to share her good fortune with others, to give back to where she came from. 

Here’s to a woman of beauty, substance and good heart!

Published 15 August 2010

Some photos of Elsie and her fashion jewelries


High school prom





G&G fashion jewelry designed by Elsie 




 Teenage Elsie





“Siopao” freshwater pearl choker and bracelet set





Early years in Canada




 Three-strand white freshwater pearl necklace with MOP lock accent




 Elsie in swim suit






Freshwater pearl lariat choker




 Elsie’s college graduation photo




 Multi-strand freshwater pearl “mosaic” choker






Early years in Canada




 Three-layer freshwater pearl choker and bracelet set




 “Island dancer”  Elsie





 Tiger’s eye beads choker and bracelet set 




 Elsie at a luau party





Freshwater pearl choker with tiger’s eye chips accent





Elsie (seated extreme left) with fellow officers of Club Novo Ecijano of Canada 




 Swarovski crystals choker and bracelet set




Elsie (in red dress) during a Philippine Independence Day gala night she organized in Toronto




Swarovsky crystals “centipede” choker and bracelet set





 Elsie’s birthday party invitation card





 Three-layer freshwater pearl necklace with MOP lock accent





Elsie at an evening party




 Two-strand freshwater rice pearl lariat necklace




 Elsie at a Christmas party 





 Semi-precious stone beads choker and bracelet set




Elsie at a Christmas party




 Three-strand freshwater pearl choker and bracelet set 





 Elsie at a party 





Elsie’s birthday party 




Elsie at a cocktail party





Elsie in front of her house in Mississauga